Needle Felted Sugar Mouse

Per Sugar Mouse, you will need:

- 2g of coloured batts
- a wisp of dark wool for eyes
- Felting needle (#36 coarse)
- Felting mat
Optional: 1 pair of 5mm Black Glue-in Eyes

Take 2g of the colour of your choice wool and roll it up into an oblong shape, tucking in the sides as you go, so that you only end up with the wispy ends. Rest your project on a felting mat and use your felting needle and stab into these wispy ends to tuck them into the shape.

You should now be able to let go of the shape as it will hold together by itself. Stab the needle all over to firm up the oblong shape. One end will be more pointy (face) than the other (bottom).

Face: stab your needle into the pointer end and firm up the face by going in a straight line from one third of the body toward the nose part.

Make the opposite part rounder by stabbing your needle in a semicircle around the other end.

Then flatten the underneath of the mouse so it will lie flat by stabbing an oval shaped area down.

Use your felting needle to make an indentation where the eye will go. Do this by concentrating the needle in one spot. Make another on the other side and make sure they are symmetrical.

If using glue-in eyes, you can use your felting needle to make a hole by inserting the needle all the way down to the handle and secure with a little PVA. Otherwise, felt a small dot of dark wool into the eye ‘sockets’.

Ears: take a wisp of wool and felt flat onto your felting mat.

Felt the ear by tucking the fibres inward to make a neat edge but leave one part wispy to attach to the head later. Make sure to lift off the mat so not to felt it on. Make two.

Fasten the ears on by spreading the wispy fibres over the head and stabbing these in first. Shape the ears as you attach them.

Take a wisp of wool and twist between your fingers so it becomes like a string. Then felt onto the back of the mouse.

Give your mouse a few tweaks here and there. Add a different coloured nose (optional). Finished!