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Clover Pen Tool - 3 Needle Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

Clover Pen Tool - 3 Needle Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

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This needle felting tool holds up to 3 needles (though you can use fewer needles if you like) and works particularly well when needing to speed up 2D or 3D needle felting or large surface felting. For 2d (flat) needle felting we recommend the brush mat, for 3d (shaping) you can use a felting mat. Ideal for using with water soluble paper projects and any 3D shaping.

If you want to use just one or two needles, take them out of the tool and use the tool with fewer needles in it!

  • 3 needles: for a quick finish
  • 2 needles: for creating lines and outlines
  • 1 needle: for delicate work

The needle length is adjustable to two sizes and instructions are included in the product.

The needles can be replaced. The tool contains a three fine needles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gillian Tooze
Clover pen tool

Much easier to hold and quicker to felt with, especially with me having arthritis in my hands

Game changer!

I cannot recommend this enough for when you have lots of stabbing to do, it makes things so much faster!

Worth the investment!

Great tool, very ergonomic, just like holding a pen, and very light.
I currently have only two needles in so I can felt in a straight line. Can use with up to three needles and it helps felt quicker, especially when used with spiral needles I've found.
Easy to replace broken needles too.

Nicola Macdonald
Still getting used to it.

I'd held off buying a multi needle tool as I wasn't sure if it would be helpful. Gave in and bought this one after seeing good things about it.
It certainly felts things much quicker although it is taking me a bit longer to get used to it as I seem to stab myself more with 3 needles. Definitely a bit of kit worth having and I mainly use it for larger pieces or to do ears.
Would recommend but be careful with your stabbing!

Susie Moore

I love this tool! I now have 2 loaded with different needles. It speeds up felting time no end and is so ergonomic and easy to use. Absolutely green buy.