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Earth Friendly Felting Mat 'Earth Mat'

Earth Friendly Felting Mat 'Earth Mat'

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Earth Friendly Felting Mat or as we call it EARTH MAT!

Finally a solution to a lightweight environmentally friendly felting mat made from wool. 

We recommend using one Firm Base Felting Mat and one Soft Top Felting Mat together - this also gives you a discount over buying each mat separately. The Earth Mat comes in many convenient sizes, each layer is about 10mm thick:

  1. Small:              10 x 15cm (about A6)
  2. Medium:         15 x 20cm (about A5)
  3. Large:              29.7 x 21cm (A4)
  4. Extra Large:    42 x 29.7cm (A3)

  5. Special Edition: Large Square: (30 x 30cm)
  6. Special Edition: Extra Large Square (42.5 x 42.5cm)

The Soft Top Felting Mat is made from: 100% wool which makes it compostable when it wears out and needs replacing - the wool is dense wool so will last a long time particularly if you rotate the mat occasionally so you use different areas. The Firm Base Felting Mat is made from 70% wool and 30% man-made fibre but will last for a very long time and may not ever need replacing!

This way you save money and the planet. It doesn't get any better and you get a instruction sheet too. We have found that you can use the Earth Mat from both sides (firm and soft) depending on your project. 

The great advantage of the Earth Mat is that it is durable unlike foam mats or similar and versatile in its use: flat needle felting, shaping, single needle use or multi-needle tools are all possible. 

We have trialled the Earth Mat for some time now, in-house as well as with our customers, and the feedback is brilliant! It has become our best selling product. See the reviews below.

You may also be interested in our Rubber Brush or for removing fluff from your Earth Mat. We also recommend to cover it with a felt sheet to minimise fibre contamination.


Also visit our Free Tutorial page for 'How to use our Earth Friendly Felting Mat instructions'

How to use the Earth Mat:

The Soft Top Felting Mat is where all the action takes place. This is the mat on where you felt whether it is a flat piece or a shape you are making; whether you are using fine, medium or coarse needles or any kind of multi-needle tool. 

The Firm Base Felting Mat goes underneath the Soft Top Felting Mat as an extra buffer. You can also felt directly into the Firm Base however the use of needle sizes and tools is limited, and only fine and medium needles can penetrate the felt.

We recommend to use one Firm Base Felting Mat and one Soft Top Felting Mat together. However, you can also use several layers and we would love to see how you use yours! Please email us with photos and comments to


"Work well with both single needle and multi needle tools. Used for a... 2D picture and there was no hollow made where working on which happens with foam mats. Don't break up leaving bits of foam in your creation, easier to clean."
- Donna S.

"I thought they were great, less weighty than a rice bag and more sturdy than the usual foam which is prone to breaking up."
Anita G.

"The mat was a great surface to work on and much better environmentally... Fantastic solution, a lighter bag and a lighter conscience."
- Lesley R.

"I really loved the Earth Mats ...much easier to work with than the foam or rice mats... Nice and flat, no falling away at the edges, versatile, light, great workspace, durable, adaptable, eco friendly - can't think of any negatives at all!"
- Margaret M.

"Durable, eco-friendly and no annoying squeaking! Love it!"
- Emma J.

"Really good to use... Also easy to wipe off any wool left on the Mat"
Penny H.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Julia LHeureux
Fabulous Product!!

So easy to felt with.! Easy to pull off your 2 D felted picture No more foam bits stuck in your work!! A perfect eco-conscious product!

What Every Felter Needs

When I started felting I used sponges but they just didn't feel right since then I tried various other mats with no joy. Then I found these and have not looked back.

Tracy H

Much nicer to work on than a foam one I have been using. I haven't tried the Eco Mat yet.

Earth mat

Bought large, medium and small earth mats so that I have sizes to match the project.
My original large one was bought 2016, still in reasonably good condition, little misshapen because I cut it in half. Hence the decision to buy more mats.
Thoroughly recommend these mats


I had the other eco Matt before which is more fibrous and found it released too many strands. This is fabulous. Works well. Soft and strong. Comfy to rest on. Solid and not shredding. Buy a size bigger than u think u need for practicality and comfort and your own progression to bigger projects.