Cappuccino Mixed Bag Natural Wool Batts 120g

The Makerss

SKU: FW-CappuccinoMix

Another one of our ready mixes with natural and dyed, extra fast felting wool batts:  A lovely collection of soft browns which reminded us of our daily cappuccinos (or not so daily Irish coffees!) - yummy!

You will love these short fibre Batts for any of your animal projects especially for Dogs, Mice, Rabbits, Ferrets, Owls etc.

120g in total, includes equal amounts of:

White Shetland, Cream Fox sheep, Beige Karakul Merino, Golden Light Brown Karakul Honey, Caramel Hare Brown Merino and Medium Brown Mountain Sheep.

Ideal for 2d and 3d Needle felting, Wet felting and other crafts.

*We may need to substitute wool if these are not available*

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‘Vegetable Matter’ occasionally you may find vegetable matter (VM) in our wools. These are usually dried bits of grass. All our wools have been washed and are clean! When needle felting usually the VM will work its way up to the surface and you can pick it off easily. It is not necessary to pick these out before you felt there wool. The wool has been carded but sometimes VM stays in it in small quantities.

PLEASE NOTE – when necessary we may need to substitute the type of wool with a comparable product.

NB: although every effort has been made to represent the colours shown as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as all images can vary when viewed on different screens and devices.

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