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Clear Plastic Sweetie Jar - Empty

Clear Plastic Sweetie Jar - Empty

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 Clear plastic sweetie jars (empty) with screw on lid - 2 designs:

  • Large tall jar 4.5 litre capacity
  • Large round jar 3.3 litre capacity
  • Perfect for storing and sharing all your wools, materials and tools
  • Stackable and reusable
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Customer Reviews

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Brilliant to keep Makerss wool in. You can see what colours of wool you have and they are very lightweight.

Round 3.3 litre Jar:

These jars are THE best way of storing felting wool!! I used to store my wool in plastic baggies (boring and slightly unpractical) but these jars look way too gorgeous on my shelves & they’re so practical due to the screw lid. I need to buy 2 more because I randomly guessed to buy 4 which was not enough when it arrived. Each jar held approx a max of 200g for me. I stored my mixed bag batts in the jars. In each jar, I fitted 12-ish colours of 15g-ish each. Therefore, if you are one who buys the batts separately in 50g quantities then you would fit 4 different colours in one jar. The jars are crystal clear. The wool looks beautiful inside, I can see it easily. I absolutely love that they have a screw lid; protecting wool form dust and moths unlike if you store it in plastic baggies. Don’t overfill your jar; cuz the wool will get compressed too much and start forming moisture, I assume.
My only critique is that, for the slightly high price per jar, I expected the plastic to be very solid and thick. However, it is just a tad on the thin side. To give you an idea, I can squish it and dent it with my finger easily. But then again, you just put your hand inside and squish the dent back to the outside.
Overall, this is my fav way of storing wool- it is clever/genius/original/new (I haven’t seen others using them online yet).
Steffi and Sophie- please keep stocking these jars, they are a revolutionary product to the felting world!!

Lorna Jane Grossner
Useful jar

A very useful jar. I bought the tall one and when I got it, I didn't think it was going to be such a big jar. Holds a lot of wool. Will definitely get some more.