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Dragon Glue-On Glass Eyes - Green

Dragon Glue-On Glass Eyes - Green

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Dragon Glue-On Glass Eyes

Pack of 10 x 20mm eyes (5 pairs)

These blue-green glass cabochon eyes are amazingly effective and while we think they would be perfect for dragons, they could also work for cats, frogs, reptiles... or whatever other character that might be created from your imagination!

cabochon is a gemstone which has been shaped and polished to form a convex (rounded) top and a flat reverse.

Each eye is 20mm in diameter. Note that these eyes are flat-backed that you glue onto your project, not push-in eyes with a stem.

How to use:
When you have finished the shaping your make, simply felt a dent where you would like the eye socket to be. Place the eye in the dent, check you are happy with the position and then add a dot of glue behind the eye. 

More detailed instructions for a finer finish:
Felt a dent at eye socket before you put them in. If it is a predator animal (dog, cat, lion etc) you need forward facing eyes. If it is a prey animal (sheep, rabbit, mouse) place the eyes more on the side for looking out for danger! Place both eyes and check they are straight and the same distance from the nose, and you are happy with the look. Add a little dot of clear drying glue behind. You can also felt a little wool around the top half and bottom half of the eye to form an eyelid and help the eye to look less 'stuck on'.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tammy Auckland
Dragon eyes

I love these eyes I turned them and used them as horse eyes, I have also used them as cat eyes.

Becca Jones
They’re stunning!

Such detailed little eyes in gorgeous colours!
I personally don’t like glue on eyes so I just glued an earring post the the back of each eye so I could glue the posts in. Super simple to do if you’re like me and don’t trust them to stay on haha.
They’re really lovely. I will be buying more of these for sure.