Green Easy glue-in glass eyes - various options

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SKU: MT-glueineyes-GREEN-46810mm

Green Glass Glue-in Eyes - 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm options

Available in black, amber, blue, green and clear (to create your own colours using nail varnish).

Also available in mixed size combination:

4, 6, 8,10mm mixed pack 8 pairs of eyes (2 pairs of each size)

    Click here for other colours

    When you have finished the shaping, simply make a hole by pushing your felting needle or other sharp object in to create a hole. Poke the shank of the eye into the hole, check you are happy with the position, and then add a dot of glue behind the eye.

    More detailed instructions below for a finer finish:

    Felt a dent at eye socket before you put them in. Push your felting needle all the way in to the fatter part to make a wide hole. If it is a predator animal (dog, cat, lion etc) push the needle toward the back of the head for forward facing eyes. If it is a prey animal (sheep, rabbit, mouse) push the needle toward the other side of the head to make the eyes more on the side for looking out for danger! When you take the felting needle out, insert eye along same line as the needle. Put both eyes in and check they are straight and the same distance from the nose, and you are happy with the look. Add a little dot of clear drying glue behind. You can also felt a little wool around the top half and bottom half of the eye to form an eyelid and help the eye to look less 'stuck on'.