Woodland Mix natural & dyed wool batts 120g

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SKU: FW-MIXwoodland

We have put together six of our favourite animal colours in equal quantities making up a minimum of 120g for the large bag.

*We may need to replace colours with similar colours if we run out*

  1. Shetland White: great core wool but also the whitest natural white.
  2. Merino 'Hare Brown': great for needle felting as it is short fibred, lovely mellow brown caramel colour, perfect for hares, fawns, reindeer, camels....
  3. Milk Sheep: rich chocolate dark brown, again great for needle felting, excellent for Christmas puddings, otters, bees...
  4. Gotland-Island Grey: makes an amazing strong felt perfect for sturdy badgers.
  5. Natural Black: this is a mix between a Stone Lamb and a dyed Merino. We call it a 'Natural' Black as it is not 'deadening' when using it on animals.
  6. Fox Red: this one is also a mix between a Stone Lamb and a dyed Merino. It is variegated and perfect for foxes, squirrels and robin chests as it has a very natural appearance.

Ideal for 2d and 3d Needle felting, Wet felting and other crafts. 

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PLEASE NOTE – we may need to replace the type of wool with a comparable product from time to time.

‘Vegetable Matter’ occasionally you may find vegetable matter (VM) in our wools. These are usually dried bits of grass. All our wools have been washed and are clean! When needle felting usually the VM will work its way up to the surface and you can pick it off easily. It is not necessary to pick these out before you felt there wool. The wool has been carded but sometimes VM stays in it in small quantities.

NB: although every effort has been made to represent the colours shown as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as all images can vary when viewed on different screens and devices.

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