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Octopus Small Needle Felt Kit (NEW for 2024)

Octopus Small Needle Felt Kit (NEW for 2024)

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Meet our New and improved Octopus Small Needle Felt Kit! This kit makes one realistic sea creature.  Check out the video below to see how Steffi transforms this basic kit into one stunning octopus!

Suitable for beginners+ and children over 10 (or supervised crafty children 7+).

Skill Level: Crafty Explorer

Size in cm: approx. 10cm high; tentacles approx. 12cm long

Techniques used: 3D shaping, wire armature, attaching surface colour.

This kit contains:

  • Full colour, step-by-step instructions
  • 7 different types of wool
  • Luxury Red Pipe Cleaners
  • Felting needles (#38 medium)
  • Eco Wool Felting Mat (made from recycled wool and 100% compostable)

You will also need: Scissors

Designed and packaged in the UK using ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials. Please reuse, recycle, and/or compost packaging & tools.

~~Warning! Contains very sharp needles. Not a toy!~~

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Visually Impaired?

Do you need digital versions of instructions so you can increase text size or use a screen reader? No problem, please email us at and a member of the team will send you the instructions digitally.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Maria
Favourite kit I've ever made! (An elevated needle felting experience...)

I absolutely loved making this octopus kit. I had been looking for a while for an octopus kit but couldn't seem to find any - I then came across this one and couldn't resist! I had showed my dad needle felted octopus designs before (just by looking on the internet) but this was the one that he instantly thought looked great and I have absolutely no regrets.

I have never felt (touched) such luxurious wool - it is honestly so soft and lovely to use. I have tried quite a few kits now from other well-known brands though I am still learning but the wool has never felt this good - I realise now what a difference it can make. I didn't even realise that core wool could feel that soft - I want to get more (update: I have since bought the Lanolin Rich Core Wool from The Makerss because it is hard to go back to other types of core wool now lol - you should definitely try it! The Fox Red Variegated NZ Merino that comes with the kit is lovely too - I am now converted to carded wool now too as I don't think I'd tried it before [if I have, it certainly hasn't been anywhere near as nice as this] and from now on, it will be the main type I use, along with the Lanolin core). Honourable mention to the Luxury Red Pipe Cleaners which I used for the first time too - so fluffy!

Plus, in the YouTube video, Steffi recommends using a 38 twisted needle and that is soooo good for this project as it felts so nicely with the wool. Before now, I have mainly just stuck to triangle needles as I couldn't really tell much difference? But, let me tell you, the 38 twisted is a new fave now as it worked so nicely with this wool. Certain wools make certain needles shine (and vice versa) - that's one of the things I have learnt. Pure ASMR. I loved having the YouTube tutorial to go along with it because I am very much a visual learner and sometimes I can get a bit confused when just reading instructions (of needle felt kits in general)... it was my first proper make-a-long and it was so much fun! I didn't end up using the bit of dragon mix that was provided because I liked the octopus as it was (looking red all the way around) but I am excited to use it for something else.

Customer service has been super lovely too - I had actually contacted them about advice for a different project but they've been very supportive about the octopus too (I didn't ask for any advice regarding the octopus but I mentioned that I was completing it and they were rooting me on).

As an extra thing, I also got a piece of chocolate with the kit which was a nice surprise. I think I may have used a bit too much red at the beginning so I had to stretch that out a bit and the most difficult part for me was the webbing but I am so happy with how this octopus turned out. The effort was so worth it and I learnt a lot - this is my first completed project using armature too! It was a gift for my dad's birthday but I got the gift of making it, which was just as worthwhile.

P.S. My mum and little sister loved that the suckers were there when the octopus was turned over - they weren't expecting it and they thought it added so much :)

Jennifer Mitchell
Loved this

Really high quality materials and very good instructions. Was super happy with how it turned out. Great for a beginner like me!

Unusual make

This was a fun make, clear instructions and great quality materials. Amazing pipe cleaners!

Heather Jones
Marvellous mollusc kit

I love making the octopus, probably one of my favourites so far. There are good instructions but I wondered if some of them were missing a bit as my octopus did not quite look like the one in the kit and appeared to be missing some of the features, this is why it is only a 4 star review. Good kit though and also there's a Makerss video on YouTube too if you get stuck.