Pre-felt- available in various colours and sizes

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SKU: MT-Prefeltnatural-THICK-50x50cm

Pre-Felt - White / Cream Shetland and Natural Grey Jacob

This is a loosely felted sheet*. Can be used as a background to felt onto and you can cut it  into shapes to make flat features (for example wings) to felt onto other shapes. Works perfectly for needle felting and wet felting.

Weight: 150g per square metre
Thickness: 2-3mm 

For a completely felted sheet try our Wool-Viscose Felt Sheets available in a variety of colours.

*A pre-felt is a piece of slightly felted wool that has just begun to felt (when the process is ended). The fibres at the surface of the wool have begun to interlock but only loosely, and the fibres in the middle have not at all. The piece has not shrunk or thickened. 

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