Prym Multi Needle Handle - Tool / Holder - NEEDLES NOT INCLUDED

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SKU: TL-PrymHandle

This prize winning, 2-in-1 multi and single needle tool has a wonderful ergonomic design; the easy to grip handle is perfect for those who have finger joint issues; it stores the needles safely, stands up (no rolling off the table) and is a great design which speaks of German quality.

It holds up to 7 needles (6 +1), though you can use fewer needles if you like, and works particularly well when doing 2D needle felting or large surface felting when used together with our felting brush mats. Also ideal for using with water soluble paper projects.

Needles are NOT included but can be bought here from our website. We recommend using fine needles but you can use coarse or medium if desired.

Dimensions: 69 x 44 mm    Weight 60g

PRODUCT INFORMATION REVIEW: This design-patented handles set for felting needles is a true all-rounder when it comes to needle felting. The set consists of three components, which can be plugged together in many different ways. The 6-compartment needle holder and the handle for a single needle can be plugged into each other to form a tool with a maximum of seven needles. The single version and its ergonomically-shaped recessed grip can be used separately for detail work. This recessed grip made of white, soft plastic can be used for felting, as a protective cap, and for safe storage. On the rear of the packaging, you can find illustrated instructions that explain how to change the needles and all functions. This handles set for felting needles was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2014.

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