Needle Felted Easter Egg

To make an Easter Egg, you will need:

- 6g of white core wool batts (such as Standard Core/Stuffing, Gotland White,
Natural White NZ Merino),

- Wisps of Multi-colour natural dyed NZ Merino (green, purple, red, blue etc.),
- Wisps of Neon Yellow dyed NZ Merino, Lichen Green dyed Mountain Sheep & natural brown Karakul Merino.
- Felting needles (#38 medium and #40)
- Felting mat
- Needle & thread to hang the egg (optional)

Flatten out your core wool. Starting at one end, tightly wind it in on itself to form an oblong shape. Make sure you tease out the wool as you roll so you can wrap it around as may times  as possible. Tuck the sides in to have a shape no longer than 6cm.

Use your medium felting needle and felt the wispy end fibres in first to secure the shape.

Next focus the stabs of the needle towards one end to make it slightly taper to become more pointy.  The other end should be felted to be fatter and more rounded in comparison, just like a real egg!

Use either of the green wool batts and a little brown wool and mix into a new variation. Felt this down with your medium needle onto the fatter end of the egg to make grassy/earthy base.

Then use the blue wool and felt a sky at the opposite, pointy end of the egg. Keep the wool cover really thin like a dusting so the blue fades into the white.

Next take more of the green/brown mix, or just green, and make flower stems coming out of the grassy base towards the sky.

Use tiny wisps of the bright colours (red, purple, yellow) and felt little dots into the grass to make little flower clusters, like primroses, on the ground.

Use the neon yellow wool and felt a larger shape onto a stalk you made earlier, add an orange centre to make daffodils.

Make other varieties of flowers by adding purple flowers on the flower stems.

Have fun creating your own designs!

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