Multi-colour Natural dyed New Zealand Merino wool batts, muted natural colours, various weights

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SKU: FW-Natdyedmulti50

These natural dyed wool batts are lovely to needle felt with and because they are dyed with natural dyes, they have a more muted appearance which makes them perfect for landscape pictures or where you prefer less bright and vibrant colours.

27 microns.

They are all together in one piece of batt, you can tear off single colours or use the blended parts to create beautiful colour effects.

The mordants used are allum and tartaric acid, the dyes are madder, weld and cochineal. Some have been dyed twice such as the purple.

Because of the dying process the wool feels a little more coarse, it needle felts super fast but is less suitable for wet felting. 

NB: although every effort has been made to represent the colours shown as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as all images can vary when viewed on different screens and devices.

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