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White Extra Fine Merino Tops - natural undyed - various weights

White Extra Fine Merino Tops - natural undyed - various weights

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White Extra Fine Merino Tops - un-dyed natural colour, 18 micron.

  • longer fibres (comes in strands) the opposite to batts
  • particularly suitable to wrap around wire armature to cover thinly and evenly
  • perfect for fairies, angels, hair and more!
  • great for 2d projects, wet felting and spinning

Woolly Sheep Swatches - A felt sheep wrapped with a minimum of 2g of your choice of fibre!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Naomi x
Just what I needed

Used this to felt dreadlocks and I've now had them in for 2 months and theyre perfect. Thanks x

Tina A
Super soft white tops

These are beautiful tops, soft and sleek. Thry come in a long length and can be easily torn into shorter lengths. They have a lovely glow on their own, or can be blended with other tops or Angelina fibres. They're perfect for needle felting, making curly or straight hair for figures, or making floaty fanned wings for fairies.

Kizzy Felstead
Great for needle felting or wet felting

Used these many times and they are wonderful

extra fine merino

Super-soft and very fine, great for natural white detail or top coat on animals. The fibres are quite long so are great when that is required, but it also can be 'torn', stacked and made into short fluffy fibre for details like muzzles on foxes and hares. It made a beautiful soft silky fur coat for a polar bear tree decoration. Very happy