Magnetic Needle Case- Various Colours

The Makerss

SKU: TL-TealMagneticNeedleCase

This little magnetic needle case is an all time must have for anybody needle felting! It fits 20 needles, and they stay put even when you shake the case and hold it upside down. Yet, they are easy enough to pick off the base. If you have different colour coded needle tops, they are easily visible as are short or longer needles due to the white magnetic background. 
It’s great to take away and keep your needles secure but also place them somewhere safe whilst you are working on a project. It also holds our glue-in eyes up to 4/5mm.

‘Occasionally I discover crafty things that are so simple and I ask: where have you been - why have I not discovered your sooner? I totally love this case and it will accompany me everywhere from now on!’ Steffi, designer and owner of The Makerss 

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