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SKU: TL-EdgingTool

Great for getting smooth and precise edges done for needle felted ears, wings, flowers, butterflies and any other small 2d shapes.  This tool comprises of two 5x5cm acrylic transparent shapes and these need to be used together. 

How to use it: pre-felt your desired 2d object initially briefly on your felting mat. 
Then place between the two acrylic shapes and stab into the wool edges with your needle whilst the felted shape is inside the tool. Make sure it is at least 0.5cm tucked inside the edge. Squeeze the two squares together do that the wool shape is firmly held in place. You will find that the edge gets felted very neat whilst still firming up the whole shape. Move around accordingly. You will be able to see where your needle goes as the tool is see-through. 

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