Mixed Mice Luxury Pipe Cleaners x 12 - (4x Pink, 4x Beige, 4x Brown)

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Luxury Mixed Pipe Cleaners x 12 (4 x Pink, 4 x Beige, 4 x Brown)

These pale pink, light brown, and dark brown pipe cleaners are ideal when making delightful, delicate, poseable mice. They are 30cm long and we have used them to make mice of between 8-12cm. The chenille is so dense that they wire does not shine through even when bent for hands and feet. This makes them ideal if you don't want to wrap all of the pipe cleaners but keep them exposed for hands, feet and tail. Please note that repeated bending of the pipe cleaners can lead to the wire breaking, so if your item requires constant bending you may like to use the cotton covered copper wire.

Our mice instructions are available as a PDF here - Mice Instructions PDF

Use our Ryeland or Ryeland lamb wool to wrap as it is lofty and 'sticky' or try our Australian Merino Batts - our new favourite for mice making!

Two pipe cleaners make one mouse.

Please note that included are 12x pipe cleaners only. 

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