Aluminium Wire - for wire armature

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SKU: MT-AluminumWire1mm

Aluminium wire

  • Great for wire armature projects - more info on wire armature here
  • Aluminium will not rust
  • Aluminium is soft and pliable and easy to shape with hands or pliers

You may want to wrap the wire armature with a pipe cleaner or florist tape to help the wool grip to the bare wire as you wrap it around. 

We also stock a range of ready-covered paper or cotton covered wire (copper or steel).

Prefer a firmer wire? We also have copper wire (firmer than aluminium) and steel wire (very firm) - see link above.

We love our Standard Core Wool for wrapping wire armature. You can tear this wool down the 'grain' to produce thin strips for wrapping wire armature.

Try our amazing local wools: Ryeland Roving wool or Ryeland Lamb Roving wool for wrapping wire armature - these may be seasonally out of stock.

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