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View all 100% cotton 100% polyester thread 21 micron 21 microns 27 micron 2d 2D felting 3D felting 5 7x needle holder 8 legs accessory advent Aelia afternoon pack Alpaca Alpaca blend amethyst amethyst fairy angel angel wings angelic angle angles animal animal eyes animal hair animal long hair animals April aquatic armature atlantic puffin Australian Merino Australian merino tops autumn landscape baby baby barn owls baby bird baby deer baby pink badger bambi bamboo bamboo fibre bamboo length bamboo stick banana yellow bare bare hug bare hugs bargain barn owl barn owls barnyard basic needle felting basic shape batt batts bauble baubles beach beads beak bear bear hug beard bears beast bee beech beechwood beetle beginner beginner box beginner kit beginner pack beginner project beginner tool kit beige bendy wire bight bird bird legs birds birds feet birdwatching birdy black black & tan black and tan black and white bird black nose lamb black nose sheep blacknose lamb blacknose sheep blank 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container coo cool landscape coop core felt cotton cotton rainbow countryside countryside picture cow craft craft group craft pack craft tool crafternoon crafts crafty beginner crimson critter crown crowns crystal curled up curled up fox curly curly hair cute cylinder dachs dachshound dachshund dark blue dark orange dark pink dark red dashhound dashhund dashound daxie decoration decorations deep red deer design digital discounted display shelf doe dog dog armature dog hair Dog Head doggie doggy dogs doll doll bodies doll eyes doll fabric doll faces doll food doll hair doll hands doll head doll house doll kit doll making doll's dollhouse dollie dolls dolls food dolls house dollshouse dolly download draco dragon dragon eyes dull orange Dusky Pink dyed dyed batts dyed tops dyed tops / roving dyed wool Dyed wool batts dyedd Ealia earth mat easter Easter Bundle Easter mix Easter project Easter sale Easy easy beginner Eelia egg egg yolk egg yolk yellow eggs electronic enhydra lutris essential starter tool kit eurasian ewe eyes fabric fairies fairy fairy accessories fairy folk Fairy Kit fairy mix fairy tale fairy tale creature fairy wings fairy wool mix family fantasy farm farm animal farm animals farming farming stock farmyard fast felting wool batts fat quarter Father Christmas fawn feathers feet felt felted felting Felting mat felting needle handles felting wool batts felting wool mix female wooden doll figure figures Filzmatte gross fin fine fine fibre fine fibres fine hair fine merino fine tops firm wire Five flannel flat flat backed flat eyes flat felting flat mat flecks fledgling fleece flexible wire flipper Floating flower flower fairy flowers fluffy food forestr Forget me not fowl fox fox orange foxy mix frame Fratercula Atlantica friends friends and family friends pack frog eyes fur garden garden animal garden bird garnet gateau geode geranium and orange soap German sheep ginger girl doll glass eyes glitter glittery glossy glue-on eyes gold golden golden orange gothic grass green great tit Green green colour palette green eyes green shades green tones green tops greenery greens groove grooved groovy guardian guided instructions halloween hand made soap Handle handmade soap hang hanging bar Hannah Hannes hare hares hatch hawthorn head heart Hearts heath land heather heaven hedgehog hedgehog fabric hedgehog pattern hedgehog template hedghog hegdehog hegehog hen hens hexagon shelf hexagonal shelf unit highland coo highland cow hoggie hoggy hoglet Hogmanay Holder holly homer honeycomb hoot horse armature horse wire how to How to needle felt howl howling howling wolf hug hughie hugs insect instructions instructions bundle jam jungle jungle animal Keys king king fisher kingfisher kit Kitten noses lace weight ladybird ladybug lamb lambs land nesting bird landscape landscape kit landscape needle felting landscape picture landscape picture colours landscape picture kit large large animal wire armature large brush mat large fawn large fox large 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moustache moustache lollipop mug multi multi colour multi storage multi tone multi tool multicolor multitone multitone tops mushroom mustard mustard yellow muted orange mythical beast natural natural orange natural wool batts nature navy blue needle needle felt Needle Felt Kit Needle Felt Pack needle felt tool kit needle felted animals needle felted bumble bee needle felted fox needle felting Needle Felting Kit needle felting pack needle felts needle feting tool kit needle handle needle holder needle holders needle storage needle tool NEEDLEFELT needles needles and pins needles caddy needles storage neon Neon Green neon pink nepps nest new zealand merino nymph ocean octopus orange orange tones orange tops orange variegated orangemuted orange oranges otter otters owl owlet owlets owls pacific pack pack and tool kit painting with wool pair of wings pale blue pale brown pattern pdf peacock butterfly pebbles peck peg peg doll peg dolls Pembrokeshire Sea bird penguin penguin family penguins people people and characters Pere Noel pet pets picnic picture picture frame Pictures Piglets pin pin storage pincushion pink pink lips pipe cleaners pixie plastic wet felting mat pliable wire plywood polar bear pole polyester poodle poodle yarn Poppy landscape popular poseable pressed prickles prickly Princess Princess Aelia projects pudding Puffin pufin puppy pups purple queen rainbow rainbow colour rainbow colours rainbow drops rainbow mix rainbow thread rainbow tops rainforest raspberries raspberry red red brown red squirrel Red Tones reddish brown reddy brown reds reduced reduced price regal reindeer reindeer nose reptile eyes reverse needle river robin rocks roller rolling pin roly poly Romantic rooster rose pink rose soap round eyes roving royal ruby Sage Green sale Sale item sale price sandwich Santa sausage dog schwartznasen Schwartznasenschaf Scot Scotland Scottie Scottish scottish cow scottish soap sculpting sea sea animal sea bird sea horse sea life seabird seal sealife seals seashore seaside seaweed sett sew sew along sewing sewing machine share sheep sheep and lamb sheep curls sheep fleece sheep wool shelf shelf unit shell shelves shimmer shiny short haired shorthair shorthaired silhouette silk silklike silky silky clay Simple single needle tool skeleton Skeleton leaves sleeping sleppy sloth sloth and baby sloth kit sloth stick sloths slow small brush mat small kit small tortoiseshell butterfly smooth haired smoothhair smoothhaired snake eyes snoozing fox snoozy snow snowdrop sprite snowman snowmen soap soap offcuts Soap Pieces soft dolls south american tops sparkle sparkles sparkly sparkly rainbow sparkly stuff sparklysparkle special effects spike spikes spikey spiky spinning spirit spool spring spring blossom spring green spring kit spring landscape sprite sprite wings Sprites squirrel standing standing badger star fish starter starter box starter kit starter mix starter pack starter tool kit steel steel wire steffi stern step by step instructions stick on eyes stiff wire stockinette storage storage box storage idea storage ideas storage shelf strawberries strawberry strong strong wire structural core felt structural felt stuffing wool stump stylised summer summer kit summer landscape Sunny swiss roll Swiss Sheep synthetic synthetic tops tan Teeswater Curls template thin wire thread Three tiggywinkle tit toadstool tones Tool tool box tool box set tool kit tool pack tool storage tools top tops tortie tortoiseshell tortoiseshell butterfly tree tree blossom trees trio tropical tropical rainforest tunnel turquoise turtles tutorial under the sea unit Valais Valais Sheep and Lamb valentines day valley variegated green vegan velour verdant vibrant violet vivid green vixen waldorf dolls wall hanging warm landscape water bird water felting mat wavy hair webbed feet webbed foot wet wet felting wet felting flowers wet felting mat wet felting rolling pin wet felting soap wet felting starter mix wet wool mix white curls white owl wiener wild 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