Felting Fibres

Ethically sourced high quality wool that needle felts super fast (batts), wet felts beautifully (mostly tops but also many of our batts) and can be used for hair and fur too.

  • Batts - Great for 2D & 3D needle felting
  • Roving / Tops - Great for 2D felting and surface colouring
  • Core Wool - Felts and shapes quickly and easily and can be covered with other wools

For a more info on different wool types - click here for our guide to wool

Need help finding the perfect fibre? 

Have you ever wondered which fibre or wool would match a project you are working on? Perhaps you are looking for the perfect Cockerpoo blend, the right shade for a giraffe or just need to know best combination for a British Blue kitty?  Never fear, The Makerss are here...

We're super excited to bring you our new Find A Fibre service! Simply email us at findafibre@themakerss.co.uk and tell us what you are looking to make - if you can include an image or colour photograph, that's even better! Our team of felting experts will then recommend the best batts, tops and/or curls that will work for your project!  You can then take our suggestions on board when you are ready to place an order.

The service is totally free and we will endeavour to answer your query within 7 days.