Lanolin in a tin

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Lanolin is the natural oil produced by sheep. Some people are allergic to it, so before you use this make sure you are ok with it. 

Usually processed wool will be washed in warm water many times over to wash out the Lanolin that is water repellant and keeps the sheep dry and therefore warm. Our Lanolin Rich Core wool is one of the most popular core wools as the natural oils allows the wool to be a little bit 'sticky' (in a nice way). You can therefore make basic shapes very quickly if you are winding the wool in on itself. It is also great for wire armature. With the Lanolin in a tin, you can now make any of your wools into a Lanolin Rich Wool! Just add a little to your fingers and rub it into the fibres. If you are using it for a wire armature allow the wool to run through your fingers as you are wrapping the wool. A little goes a loooong way!

Please note that wool containing lanolin is not suitable for wet felting!

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