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Hedgehog Mohair Fabric with spikes plus pattern and instructions

Hedgehog Mohair Fabric with spikes plus pattern and instructions


We are offering a square of fabric, plus a suggested cutting pattern and instructions. You have a choice of sizes small, medium and large, plus you can choose to buy enough fabric for one hedgehog or four hedgehogs.

You will also need:

  • Medium brown wool (we suggest our Mountain Sheep or Russian Karakul)
  • A little cream wool (our fox sheep)
  • A little darker brown wool (our portuguese merino)
  • Eyes (we suggest our glue-in 4mm (small), 5mm (medium), 6mm large - or a mixed bag of eyes if you are making the whole hedgehog family).

Make 1 hedgehog:

There is a choice of small hedgehog 12 x 12 cm fabric with 10 mm spikes, medium hedgehog 14 x 14 cm fabric with 18 mm spikes, or large 16x16cm fabric with 23mm spikes. Each comes with its own suggested cutting pattern and general instructions of how to put together a hedgehog - this intermediate pattern is aimed at those who have needle felted before.

Make 4 hedgehogs:

We are now also stocking larger squares of fabric - enough to make 4 hedgehogs of the pattern size or you could adapt the pattern to make one big one. Small is 24x24cm, Medium 28x28 cm and Large is 32x32cm. If you are making these sizes, you will need of the medium brown: approx 120g for small, approx 160g for medium size and approx 200g large.

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